Menu מסעדת אלחיר בחיפה

Authentic Druze Cuisine and Homemade Salads
Lentil Soup 23
Goulash Soup 29
Fuka'aia Soup 29
Koubeh 19
Tehina 23
Mt'abal - eggplant salad 23
smoked eggplant with chopped peppers
Baba Ganouj 23
Smoked eggplant salad mixed with tehina
Falafel 25
Plate of falafeles with homemade tehina
Tabbouleh 29
Homemade Labane 29
Okra (in season) 29
Hot chicory salad (in season) 29
Stuffed Grape Leaves 49
Stuffed Cabbage 49
Stuffed Combination Plate 49
French Fries - Medium/Large 17/25
Homemade daily from fresh potatoes
Children's Dish 39
Schnitzel / Chicken liver skewer / Chicken Thigh Skewer / Chicken Breast Skewer
Grill menu and more
Chicken breast shishlik 49
Two skewers of marinated chicken breast
Chicken liver / chicken hearts 49
Two grilled skewers
Hummus with Meat 49
Homemade schnitzel 49
Chicken thigh shishlik 65
Two skewers of grilled chicken
Lamb shishlik 95
Excellent meat of grilled young lamb
Lamb chops 95
Seasoned grilled young lamb
St. Peter's 69
Fried or in a taboon
Sea Bream 95
Fried or in a taboon
Fresh fish daily
Side Dishes
vegetable salad, hummus, shulbata, majadra, cabbage salad. olives and rice
Salads per person not ordering a main dish 30
Elkheir Specialties
Sfycha with Meat in a taboon(Lachmanjun) 49
Maskhan with Chicken and Onion in a taboon 49
Mk'rodah 65
Suniya with Tahina in a taboon 75
Suniya with tomatoes in a taboon 75
Shish-barak 75
Elkheir without meat
Fatayer Kishek 65
Fatayer Za'tar 49
Hummus with hot mushrooms 49
Stuffed Plate 49
Suniya Kubet Batata 75
Soft Drinks
Natural Lemonade - Glass / Carafe 12/29
Mineral Water / Soda 11
Pepsi, Pepsi MAX, Grapes, Diet 7Up 12
Root Beer 13
Natural Juice 17
Orange / apple / carrot
* Option to mix two fruits
Natural Pomegranate juice (in season) 23
Freshly squeezed
Warm Beverages
Druze coffee with cardamom 10
Tea with mint 10
Homemade Knafe 29
With special cheese
Malabi 19
Kat'taief 29
Watermelon / Melon (in season) 29